Cristina Dos Santos is an interior designer who specializes in high-end, luxury residential spaces imbued with the heart and soul of individual residents. Her work is always chuck-a-block full of intimate touches that resonate the owner’s inner vision, achievements and aspirations. For over 20 years Dos Santos has been permeating interiors with her unique design vision, an aesthetic that marries architectural elements, personality and function. “I was always drawn to architecture from the time I was a child, we traveled a lot; through Europe, Africa and South America. I remember eagerly looking at the buildings and imagining what went inside them.” Dos Santos was born in Lisbon, Portugal and earned her degree in architectural design at Toronto’s Ryerson University. When she moved to New York City, she worked at the famed design emporium, ABC Carpet & Home. Here she gleaned a panoply of ideas and mined the fertile fields of famous designers who worked and shopped there. Dos Santos' current interior design projects include a waterfront home in Nantucket, a Soho Penthouse, and multiple deluxe residences in NYC.

A favorite project is designing a home constructed of polished concrete with floor to ceiling glass. This sculptural residence appears to hang over the cliff commanding views of sky, sea and the Torrey Pines reserve.“ The challenge of this marvelous property is to bring the energy from nature into the home in a way that creates a calm tension. This allows residents and visitors alike to oscillate between the roiling drama of nature and the solace created in this home.” In 2009, Dos Santos set up her eponymous store in Tribeca; it was among New York Magazine’s design guides “Top Picks.” In order to devote full energy to design projects, Dos Santos closed the store in mid-2014. “I now transfer my treasure trove secrets to my clients as we collaborate on the vision for their homes.” Dos Santos’ watchword for design is to “Show, not tell, style.” Her projects are vibrant examples of that. Her clients come away with homes where they can lounge, love, luxuriate and excel in equal measure. They will be cocooned in a creation wrought by a designer who truly listens to them and thus develops a home that reflects their essence.